Djokovic has no doubts: My main rival is still Nadal

Djokovic has no doubts: My main rival is still Nadal

There may be plenty of new and rising talent in the world of tennis, but Novak Djokovic has one thing clear: his main rival is still Rafa Nadal.

The issue has come up because the world no.2 right now, of course, is not Rafael Nadal, leading some to question whether in fact Carlos Alcarez should be considered the principal rival to Djokovic.

Speaking ahead of the upcoming ATP 500 event in Dubai, the Serbian star did have plenty of praise for Alcaraz.

“It’s amazing that [Alcaraz has been] able to find the top level right away,” said Djokovic.

“That’s actually a characteristic of a mature player, of someone that has an experience which he doesn’t have so much experience, but he’s showing maturity very early on.”

Respect for Nadal

However, Nole still reserves the utmost respect for Nadal and the rivalry they have shared for so many years. That’s why he still considers the Spanish veteran his “biggest rival”.

“I just feel Nadal, you know, the rivalry with Nadal is something that is difficult to eliminate just because someone is doing great things in the last year and a half, you know, Nadal has been the biggest rival and probably will remain the biggest rival,” said Djokovic.


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