Kyrie Irving on value Mavs’ offense will gain from him –


Photo: Dallas Mavericks/Twitter

The new Dallas Mavericks star guard Kyrie Irving was asked about the value the team’s offense will gain from him setting a ball screen for Luka Doncic and vice versa:

“You got to pick your poison. It’s a great play for us. I think it’s a dangerous play for any other team to guard. If they switch, we get what we want. If they try any other scheme like shows – any time they take their hands off of us, any time I can get Luka open just for a split second, is what I’m saying, it makes a big difference for us.

“You see a high-level player get open for a split second, it makes a huge difference, so if I can do that in a screen, or he can do that with me, we’re both selfless. We know where the majority of the time the ball will be – it’s going to be in Luka’s hands. For us, just read and react and play natural basketball.”


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