JB Bickerstaff on Evan Mobley: “There’s few big guys that can do the things he does” – TalkBasket.net


Photo: Soobum Im/Getty Images

Following Thursday’s 119-113 road win vs. the Portland Trail Blazers, Cleveland Cavaliers head coach JB Bickerstaff showed his appreciation for the outstanding defense that Evan Mobley brings night in and night out.

(via Cleveland Cavaliers):

“Evan’s a stud. That’s the thing where I think people don’t really appreciate that don’t watch him enough and pay attention to is he’s built for the moment. The performance that he put on in the 4th quarter of that Utah game, the performance that he put on defensively in the 4th quarter here, just to fight through it. To go sit down with four fouls and not get frustrated to a point where you can’t play the game, and go out and impact the game the way he did. There’s few big guys that can do the things he does down there to help you on that end of the floor, and people need to recognize it and pay attention to it.”


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