Assault and burglary at the home of Justin Kluivert

Assault and burglary at the home of Justin Kluivert



Footballers are often targeted by thieves. And yesterday, it was Justin Kluivert (24) who was targeted. Absent from his home since he was in Mallorca for a league match, the Valencia player learned that his house had been visited by hooded men explains brand.

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They stole jewelry and watches worth a total of 200,000 euros. But that’s not all. Kluivert’s partner was at their home at the time. The young woman, who was returning from a walk with her dog, was “beaten up” precise brand. The burglars used force to get her to reveal where the jewelry and other valuables were. The assault and robbery lasted 5 minutes. Kluivert’s companion would be fine despite this shock.

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